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So, make morning walks a part of your daily routine. The oxidation reaction quotient in the cells of your body can be increased significantly with a walk. However, these reactions cause a high demand for oxygen supply that makes the lungs pump extra oxygen. This, in turn, helps the lungs improve their capacity. To keep your lungs working properly and to ensure their health, it is a great idea to start going for brisk walks for a good 20 minutes every morning Morning walks are a great way to keep stress away.

Stress can have an adverse effect on your body, making you fall sick more easily and causing depression, anxiety, etc. Walking improves blood circulation to the brain and helps uplift the mood A brisk morning walk can make you feel more relaxed and calm. Dermatologists suggest that any exercise that improves blood circulation gives your skin a healthy glow And there is no better exercise than walking.

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It helps in delaying the onset of the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Proper blood circulation also prevents pimples, acne, and other skin problems. With morning walks, you can achieve naturally radiant skin. Walking every morning gives your body the energy that it needs to get through the day. It helps increase the circulation of blood and the supply of oxygen and keeps you active and alert all day.

Ask your doctor, and he will tell you that being active has an important role to play in good hair health. Walking helps in keeping the hormones in your body well-balanced.

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It also improves blood circulation, which does wonders for the health of your hair. It promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss as well. To get beautiful, lustrous hair, make it a point to go for a walk every morning. Morning walks keep deadly diseases away. Blood circulation in your body is increased, which helps in keeping cardiovascular and other life-threatening diseases at bay.

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Walking also improves metabolism in muscles and helps the body function normally. So, this low-intensity exercise can take care of all your health problems. The stress that you go through each day can cause insomnia. The best way to fight this is to take a walk every day. In fact, if your lifestyle is not that active and you find it difficult to fall asleep, then you must walk in the mornings 35 , According to certain studies, women over the age of 65 who walk on a regular basis are less prone to memory degeneration that is age-related when compared to those who do not walk or walk less.

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Walking is a great way to keep age-related mental illnesses away. As you age, the ends or tails of the chromosomes, known as telomeres, start to get shorter. This ultimately leads to loss of function and aging. Walking is a low-intensity physical activity that helps keep all your cell functions active and your heart healthy and improves brain function and blood circulation.

Since your body remains active, the shortening of the ends of the telomeres slows down. This means, your aging process slows down 38 There is nothing like a morning walk every day to improve your health. Every part of your body benefits from this exercise A brisk minute walk can extend your lifespan by about a year. If you are thinking of making morning walks a regular part of your daily routine, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:.

A morning walk is a fantastic way to start your day. Once morning walks become a habit, you will start feeling better and become proactive. So, start today and walk towards good health. Take care!

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Charushila Biswas. The following two tabs change content below. Latest Posts Bio. Latest posts by Charushila Biswas see all. So motivate their learning through following nature essay. We live on the most beautiful planet, Earth which has very clean and attractive nature full of greenery. Nature is our best friend which provides us all the resources to live here. It gives us water to drink, pure air to breathe, food to eat, land to stay, animals, plants for our other uses, etc for our betterment.

We should fully enjoy the nature without disturbing its ecological balance. We should care our nature, make it peaceful, keep it clean and prevent it from the destruction so that we can enjoy our nature forever. Nature is a most precious gift given by the God to us to enjoy but not to harm. Nature is the most beautiful and attractive surrounding around us which make us happy and provide us natural environment to live healthy.

Our nature provides us variety of beautiful flowers, attractive birds, animals, green plants, blue sky, land, running rivers, sea, forests, air, mountains, valleys, hills and many more things. Our God has created a beautiful nature for the healthy living of us. All the things we use for our living are the assets of nature which we should not spoil and damage. We should not destroy the originality of the nature and should not imbalance the ecosystem cycle.

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Our nature provides us beautiful environment to live and enjoy so it is our responsibility to keep it clean and away from all the damages. In the modern era, many selfish and bad activities of the human being have disturbed the nature to a great extent. The nature is everything around us which surrounds us with beautiful environment.

We see and enjoy it every moment.

We observe natural changes in it, hear it and feel it everywhere. We should take full advantage of the nature and go out of home for the morning walk daily to breathe pure air and enjoy morning beauty of nature.

All though the day it changes it beauty like in the morning when sun rises everything looks bright orange and then yellowish. In the evening when sun sets it again becomes dark orange and then light dark. The nature has everything for us but we do not have anything for it even we are destroying its property day by day to just fulfill our selfish wishes.

In the modern technological world lots of inventions are getting launched daily without its advantage and disadvantage to the nature. It is our responsibility to save the declining assets of our nature to make possible the existence of life forever on the earth. If we do not take any step towards nature conservation, we are keeping our future generations at danger. We should understood its worth and value and try to maintain its natural shape. Nature is the most precious and valuable gift to us from the God to live our life here on the earth.

Nature makes our life easy by providing all the required resources for daily living. Thoreau was also worried that people would lose their relationship to nature, what with the Industrial Revolution , and its consequent movement of people to large towns and cities. The literary tradition that Thoreau is writing in is very much influenced by Emerson and his transcendental ideas. Emerson had been a mentor to Thoreau, and for two years while writing "Walden," Thoreau lived in a cabin he built himself on land owned by Emerson, and so Emerson's ideas about nature and how we have a spiritual relationship with nature is seen in Thoreau's writings.

I wish to speak a word for Nature, for absolute freedom and wildness, as contrasted with a freedom and culture merely civil—to regard man as an inhabitant, or a part and parcel of Nature, rather than a member of society. Let me live where I will, on this side is the city, on that the wilderness, and ever I am leaving the city more and more, and withdrawing into the wilderness. Ben Jonson exclaims: 'How near to good is what is fair. Here is this vast, savage, hovering mother of ours, Nature, lying all around, with such beauty, and such affection for her children, as the leopard; and yet we are so early weaned from her breast to society, to that culture which is exclusively an interaction of man on man So we saunter toward the Holy Land, till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, as warm and serene and golden as on a bankside in autumn.

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