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Help control pollution. Earth eventually had an atmosphere incompatible with life. Nevertheless, life on earth took care of itself. In the thinking of the human being a hundred years is a long time. It was a whole different world, but to the earth, a hundred years is nothing. A million years is nothing.

This planet lives and breathes on a much vaster scale. If we are gone tomorrow, the earth will not miss us. Plastic Pollution. Laxmi Prasad Boda is a B. He can be contacted at laxmiprasad[at]gmail[dot]com. Do you have a flair for writing?

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Air Pollution Levels at Delhi. Yes environmental pollution is biggest problem we are facing now. Pollution mainly caused byFfactories and automobiles. By following simple and easy tips we can minimise the pollutants in the environment. Also Read: Bioremediation- The New Age Cleansing Technology of the Environment Every action or inaction of any person in regard to her or his surroundings has an effect- be it good, neutral or bad- on the environment. Use unleaded gasoline in your cars. Keep your car properly maintained to keep it in good running condition to avoid smoke emissions.

Share a ride or engage in car pooling.

1. It’s Bad for Our Health

Instead of using your cars, choose to walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible. With this eco-friendly practice, you will also be healthier and happier by staying fit. Never use open fires to dispose of wastes. Adopt the 3Rs of solid waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. Inorganic materials such as metals, glass and plastic ; also organic materials like paper, can be reclaimed and recycled. This takes into account that the proven solution to the problem of proper waste management especially in third world countries is proper disposal in waste bins for collection and not in the street where it could fall into drains , waste segregation and collection, and recycling.

Start composting brown leaves in your yard and green scraps from your kitchen.

Pollution Controls

It will reduce waste while improving your yard and garden soils. Reconnect with nature.

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Live green by using green power supplied abundantly and freely by wind and the sun. Hang your laundry to dry to minimize use of gas or electricity from your dryers. Enjoy fresh air from open windows to lessen the use of air conditioning system. Patronize local foods and goods.

In this manner, transporting goods and foods prepared with GMOs which uses fuel from conventional energy sources will be minimized. Use eco-friendly or biodegradable materials instead of plastic which are made up of highly toxic substances injurious to your health. Create your green space.

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Value your garden. Plant more trees and put indoor plants in your homes. They clean the air, provide oxygen and beautify your surroundings.

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Thus, care for them and by protecting them, especially the big trees around and in the forest, you protect yourself and your family, too. Have a proper waste disposal system especially for toxic wastes Take very good care of your pets and their wastes. It works in mysterious ways, sometimes which cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, it is very much present in the environment. For instance, you might not be able to see the natural gases present in the air, but they are still there.

A List of Things You Can Do

Similarly, the pollutants which are messing up the air and increasing the levels of carbon dioxide is very dangerous for humans. Increased level of carbon dioxide will lead to global warming. Further, the water is polluted in the name of industrial development, religious practices and more will cause a shortage of drinking water.

Without water, human life is not possible.

Moreover, the way waste is dumped on the land eventually ends up in the soil and turns toxic. Therefore, serious measures must be taken to reduce pollution to the core.

Reducing pollution | National Pollutant Inventory

After learning the harmful effects of pollution, one must get on the task of preventing or reducing pollution as soon as possible. To reduce air pollution, people should take public transport or carpool to reduce vehicular smoke. While it may be hard, avoiding firecrackers at festivals and celebrations can also cut down on air and noise pollution. Above all, we must adopt the habit of recycling. All the used plastic ends up in the oceans and land, which pollutes them. So, remember to not dispose of them off after use, rather reuse them as long as you can.

We must also encourage everyone to plant more trees which will absorb the harmful gases and make the air cleaner. In addition, industries must be banned from dumping their waste into oceans and rivers, causing water pollution. To sum it up, all types of pollution is hazardous and comes with grave consequences.

Ways to Prevent and Reduce Air, Water, and Land Pollution

Everyone must take a step towards change ranging from individuals to the industries. As tackling this problem calls for a joint effort, so we must join hands now. Moreover, the innocent lives of animals are being lost because of such human activities. So, all of us must take a stand and become a voice for the unheard in order to make this earth pollution-free. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. It degrades almost everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe.