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Twenty years ago the researchers of the John Hopkins School detected the strong correlation between the extremely high levels of air contamination and premature birth.

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The current study, nevertheless, develops the research stating that even small amounts of air pollution contribute to premature birth. In addition to destructive health effects , air pollution has a negative impact on the agricultural system and weather conditions, it changes the climate, ruins the crops, and causes foliage injuries.

Plants suffer from necrotic lesions, yellowing of leafs which lead to reduced growth and death. The key contributors to the ruination of crops and plants are oxidants, sulfur dioxide, fluoride, ammonia, and particulate matter cement dust, magnesium-lime dust, carbon soot.

Air Pollution Poignant Matters

The example of India shows that the air polluted by black carbon and ground level ozone contributed to the cut of crop yields. In Indian crop yields were almost half of the level yields. Farmers try to cope with the decreased crop yield problem by pesticides and insecticides yet the main problem is probably in the field of air pollution that decreases the overall productivity of the agricultural systems.

It has a devastating impact on human and animal health, agricultural crops, and even on an unborn fetus. The results of the studies suggest that key health problems caused by air pollution are the cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, and lung cancer. Recent research shows that it contributes to other types of cancer, including cervical cancer and brain cancer.

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Also, air contamination has a negative effect on the central nervous system causing the aberrations equaling autism and schizophrenia in their severity. Most deaths caused by air pollution occur due to ischaemic heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and lung cancer. India is the country with the biggest number of deaths due to this problem. Children aged under five form the most vulnerable group.

Essay on Environmental Pollution

Air pollution is the global problem that affects each and every member of the global society. Thus, the international community has to gather the initiatives in order to cope with the problems and minimize the negative effects on our planet.

Do you like this essay example? In modern society, the use of fossil fuels can be made so that its burning becomes efficient, but this comes with a monetary cost. It is important to note that unless alternative cleaner option is found, we will have the future facing the same problems of pollution. Vehicles use fuel which sometimes is not completely burnt in the engine; therefore, they release VOCs Volatile Organic Chemicals into the air. VOCs and nitrogen are a common source of air pollution. Disposal sites containing biodegradable substances are known to emit methane gas into the atmosphere.

Methane gas is known to be a harmful gas, it is highly flammable and a potential disaster to the ozone layer. Garbage and other household products release VOCs to the air. Air pollution can come from natural sources such as dust, wildfires, and volcanic activity. Wildfire is known to emit VOCs and particulates into the atmosphere.

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Volcanic eruptions spew sulfur dioxide and volcanic ash into the atmosphere. Volcanic ash is usually dumped in the upper atmosphere, and as a result, global temperatures are lowered. However, pollution resulting from natural causes remains in the atmosphere for a short period and does not result in a permanent change as it might be the case with human activity-based pollution.

Air pollution is the leading cause of respiratory diseases. Exposure to air pollutants can cause lung cancer and even asthma. Asthma can lead to death if not well treated, as it might cause difficulty in breathing. A prolonged exposure of pollutants can cause lung cancer. The rise in sea level, rising temperature in the world, and the melting of ice glaciers are the evidence for the global warming.

Global warming is a direct effect of air pollution in the world. The only way to curb this increasingly destructive menace is to reduce air pollution. With the greenhouse effect which is the major contributor of the release of chlorofluorocarbon into the atmosphere has led to the depletion of ozone layer.

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This layer is important in shielding the earth from the destructive ultraviolet UV radiations. Emission of harmful gasses such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen into the atmosphere lead to the formation of acid rain. Such chemicals in humans may cause various conditions including liver and kidney problems. Other diseases for example cholera and diarrhea are a direct effect of ingesting contaminated water. Such diseases lead to loss of life.

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Industrial wastes that are dumped into rivers and water bodies are also very dangerous David According to Socha, most of the released industrial waste is hot. Thus when released into water bodies they kill the organisms since when the water is heated oxygen is expelled and oxygen is very crucial for the survival of these organisms.

Water pollution may also lead to loss of both aquatic and terrestrial land animals when heavy metals from industries, for example iron and mercury are deposited into the rivers. These metals are dangerous since they bond with cells and prevent cells from working and thus killing a plant or animal. Ingestion of plants that have been exposed to such metals is also fatal to human beings and other animals alike.

Water pollution may also lead to heart conditions, kidney and liver failures as well as cancer. This is also another form of pollution which is mainly contributed to by littering and spills. It is important to keep the soil free of pollutants since the human race has a high dependency on soil since it is the most important aspect of agriculture and food production. Agricultural fertilizers as well as chemicals are also a major contributing factor towards soil pollution.

Soil pollution mainly leads to the death of plants and the reduction of the agricultural viability of soil. Soil pollution is also dangerous since if animals ingest plants that are exposed to soil pollution they may die. In human's consumption of such plants may lead to heart conditions, kidney and liver failures as well as cancer.

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It can be concluded that all forms of pollution are dangerous to the environment. The common effects include:. These are: Air Pollution The common form of pollution is air pollution. Effects of Air Pollution: Air pollution has two categories of effects.

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Water pollution: This is the second most common occurring form of pollution. Effects of water pollution: Water pollution affects both terrestrial and aquatic life. Soil Pollution: This is also another form of pollution which is mainly contributed to by littering and spills. Effects of soli pollution: Soil pollution mainly leads to the death of plants and the reduction of the agricultural viability of soil.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that all forms of pollution are dangerous to the environment.